One Size Does Not Fit All.

Our philosophy for designing products is simple:
design for the future, for everyone.

From live captions and notes to video conferencing. We’ve created a range of flexible products that can easily be integrated with other technology platforms; or used together, to create easy-to-manage and truly accessible learning environments.

A Ballerina pirouetting in a skirt made from a large book as pages fly around behind.

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See. Hear.

Coral is our very own video conferencing platform designed for education. The perfect environment for learning to be center stage, refined for everybody.

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Messenger Pigeon

Supercharge Learning

Real-time note and transcription for students anywhere. Easy to schedule. Combining AI and human intelligence, fast, accurate and understandable.

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Launch Camera

Beyond Walls

Expand the capabilities of your classroom by adding a Launch Camera to broadcast classes easily and securely around the world.

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